Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coral and Peach Lippies

        Hey Guys, if you didn't know, I'm new to make-up, so my collection is slowly building up. Out of all the make-up products out there, the ones I buy the most are lip products. I think if I could only have one make-up product to wear, it would be a lippy product. *I'm not here to brag about how much stuff I own, cause I really don't, I just want to share and get advice from others :)* Right now I have seven lip products( 4 lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, and 1 lip cream) and some lip conditioners like Carmex. Since I don't really like dark or really bright/light colors on my lips, I usually go for the neutral lip. Because I'm naturally tanned (NC44) I buy peach or coral lippys because I think it complements my skin tone.

       So I have two peach lipsticks, MACs 'Shy Girl' and Wet N' Wilds 'Just Peachy'. 'Shygirl' is a creme sheen lipstick, which comes of as a peachy-nude color on my lips. And it also has some light shimmers on it to make it shine more and it smells like sweet marsh mellows(if you like the smell of sweets, you will definitely like it). And 'Just Peachy' is more of a bright peachy-coral, but I find that if you rub it in more it softens up the lips from looking to harsh on my lips. Its a matte finish and it doesn't really have a smell to it, but it comes on quite creamy, but dries up a little bit, but that's fine because I always add a clear gloss or my Carmex on top, so it wont be so dry.

Left: MACs Lipstick in Shy Girl  Right: Wet N' Wilds Lipstick in Just Peachy

Left: Wet N' Wilds Lipstick in Just Peachy Right: MACs Lipstick in Shy Girl 
         For my lip glosses MACs Tinted Lipglass in 'Nymphette' is more on the pink side but still has a peach color to it with small gold flecks and it smells just like'Shy Girl', but its more on the sticky side, so I don't wear it as much.

MACs Tinted Lipglass in Nymphette

       Wet N' Wilds Mega Slicks Lipgloss in Berry Burst is not my favorite because its sticky and it smells really really bad, so I wouldn't buy it again. But the only thing good about it is the color payoff, which is more on the coral side. I don't recommend it, unless you just like the color.

Wet N Wild Lip Gloss in Berry Burst 570A

       So my favorite lipgloss in this WHOLE collection is the Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Sunset Peach, because its not sticky, so its like a smooth feeling on your lips. And its smells like coconuts but not exactly like it. But the color payoff is sheer, but it has little gold and peach sparkles. I usually add this on top of 'Shy Girl". I think I'm going to buy more colors of this range. Also the dopher brush is awesome b/c it can bend back and forth to give you alot of product.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Sunset Peach

Left-->Right: Revlon-Wet N' Wild-MAC

                       What colors are you wearing on your lips at the moment?

                                                           Kira XOXO

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