Sunday, February 27, 2011

WWCW #003

Black thick leggings
Nars neutral lipgloss
White flat Oxfords
Gray sweater( its googd to be warm)
Black rose studs
Gold crucifix ring
Black and gold chain necklace
Mint green purse/clutch for a pop of color.
Brown watch
Random camera

Untitled by CoconutChic on

This is something that I would wear at school if I wanted to be comfortable and look comfortable.
And sorry for updating so late.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

WWCW #002

Here is #2

Im going to explain the outfit from head to toe and why it would work for me.

Ears: Plain pale pink earrings. Small enough to wear your hair down.

Eyes: Brown nerd glasses. I just thought they were cute.

Lips: Nars lipgloss

Neck: Nothing

Top Half: Silk like top to balance out the pants.

Bottom Half: Green chinos or harem pants gives out a pop of color.

Hands: Gold charm bracelet, and A gold YSL craft ring, its so adorable I wish I could afford one :(

Feet: Pumps a good neutral color.

Accessories: A brown purse. Nice size and color. And a camera.

I would wear this to a party or a speacial occasion.

What Would Coconutchic Wear? #001

Hey Guys,
    Since this is a fashion blog, I feel that I should have posts with trends, and of course the infamous OOTD: Outfit of the Day. Now since I dont have a camera and I obviously cant do OOTDs. And because I wear a uniform at my school so the chances of me wearing whatever I want is zero. So for now Im going to use my Polyvore account to create outfits that I would and could wear on a daily basis. And I will call it WWCW: What Would Coconuthic Wear. You can also check out my Polyvore account to see my items and sets.

 SO this is my first WWCW:

I love nudes and bold colors.

Crucifix's, roses, gold watches, and animal jewelry.

A small pendant that could be worn with or with out.

You can wear leggings with anyhing, so I matched the pale pink blazer with it and added a vintage shirt of Johnny Depp.

The shoes neutral!

A random camera.

And for a pop of color the bright coral bag to finish the outfit.

Untitled by CoconutChic featuring black leggings

I hope you like it!


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