Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Favorite Nail Polishes

 These are my favorite nail polishes that I love to wear during any time of the year. The one that I wear the most and best complaments my skin tone is China Glazes 'Re-Fresh Mint'. Its a nice pastel minty color that makes my skin color tanner, like for example my feet are pasty, but when I wear this color it darkens my feet.

   Icing 'Peach Cobbler' is a nice peachy neon orange color which does the exact same thing as the mint color, which its why its one of my favorites.

   Sinful Colors 'Lets Talk' is a rich purple color to wear with any outfit.

   Essies 'Lilacissm' is another pastel color that I like.
   Orlys 'Orange Punch' is a bright coral that is a color I hardly wear but I\its such a gorgeous color that I had
to put it up hear.

 And lastly I wanted to show you guys the topcoat I have been using for the past two weeks. Its called 'Sech Vite' which means 'quick dry' in French. And no lie it dries up in less than two minutes. It makes your nails super glossy. The only problem is that I find that it doesn't last really long except when I used China Glaze 'Re-Fresh Mint' it stayed on longer. If anyone knows how to make my nail polish last and stay on longer, can you please tell me? I'm desperate, lol!

                                  What are your favorite nail polishes?

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