Monday, August 15, 2011

Mint Julips

    My birthday was a month ago, so this was one of my presents that I got from my mother. Its the Lush Mint Julips lip scrub. The smell is a mixture of chocolate and mint, which I think is the most amazing smell ever. Like if I could only pick one fragrance it would be a tie between this and my Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel. This lip scrub is great  for exfoliating your lips when its dry, peeling or when it feels dull. When you rub it on it actually melts after a few seconds of rubbing and it might get in your mouth but it wont harm you at all, its just oils/sugar/and flavoring. It also comes in sweet and bubblegum flavors which I feel doesn't smell good at all. And I wouldn't recommend to scrub your lips every minute of the day, because you are removing dead skin, and I don't think you would want raw lips.

Pros: Smell, texture, non poisoning, medium size jar, exfoliates, softens my lips.

Cons: Sticky sometimes, melts a little bit around the rims.

Overall: I love this, and I will defiantly be buying it again! 4.5-5

                                       Have you guys tried this? And are there others like this?

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