Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Would Coconutchic Wear? #001

Hey Guys,
    Since this is a fashion blog, I feel that I should have posts with trends, and of course the infamous OOTD: Outfit of the Day. Now since I dont have a camera and I obviously cant do OOTDs. And because I wear a uniform at my school so the chances of me wearing whatever I want is zero. So for now Im going to use my Polyvore account to create outfits that I would and could wear on a daily basis. And I will call it WWCW: What Would Coconuthic Wear. You can also check out my Polyvore account to see my items and sets.

 SO this is my first WWCW:

I love nudes and bold colors.

Crucifix's, roses, gold watches, and animal jewelry.

A small pendant that could be worn with or with out.

You can wear leggings with anyhing, so I matched the pale pink blazer with it and added a vintage shirt of Johnny Depp.

The shoes neutral!

A random camera.

And for a pop of color the bright coral bag to finish the outfit.

Untitled by CoconutChic featuring black leggings

I hope you like it!


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